#kämpfergeist | #fighterspirit

  • Status | looking for buyers/distribution
  • Genre | action drama
  • Format | digital series – 1st season: 12 episodes (~8min/episode)

In the deprived areas of Berlin the passionate martial artist Akın has to fight twice as hard for his life: His future as well as his home are at the verge of total breakdown. Akın is heading towards a criminal career but his older brother wants to protect him from the same mistakes he made in his darker past. Then Akın meets Anna, the cute dancing girl from the family of his biggest enemy…


  • Status | in development (Serienkonzept)
  • Genre | dramedy
  • Format | TV drama – 1st season: 8 episodes (30min/episode)

Vier Mitdreißiger auf der Suche nach dem perfekten Frauenbild machen die Zerreißprobe am Thema Nachwuchs.

1. (abwertend) unkontrollierbare emotionale Aufgeregtheit
2. (med. veraltet) Krankheit der Gebärmutter mit unspezifischen Symptomen wie Angst, Nervosität und sexueller Begierde

Berlins Töchter | Daughters of Berlin

created by Feyza-Yasmin Ayhan and Simon Turschner
(promoted by VENSENYA)

  • Status | in development (Outline, Pilot Script – 1st draft)
  • Genre | dramedy
  • Format | TV-drama – 1st season: 6 episodes (45min/episode)

Five friends in their early twenties with Turkish, Arabic, Kurdish and German background break out of every box they are packed in with heart and fresh humor. They rebel against the paternalism of their mother, brother and fiancé and try to succeed in the painful balancing act between family and dreams – a deep dive into the middle eastern culture in Berlin from a female point of view.

Abroad | 在他乡

  • Status | in development
  • Genre | culture clash romantic dramedy
  • Format | digital series – 1st season: 10 episodes (~15min/episode)

While studying abroad and trying to get along, a Chinese student in Germany and a German student in China love the same girl.

#kämpfergeist online magazine

non-profit project by VENSENYA changing mindsets

  • Status | ongoing
  • Genre | online magazine
  • Format | documentary/interviews

The mission is to empower adolescents to shape their future. The magazine follows the principle of Entertainment-Education with inspiring stories and featured role models that teenagers connect with.