creating resonance

We are obsessed to create resonance within young audiences by our stories. How do we do that?

Audience driven story design

  • we work with creators that are directly related to the story context and the intended audience
  • we use target profile and focus group interviews with the target audience and experts in the context (qualitative) and incorporate available data (quantitative) to inspire theme, character, plot and setting as well as format, marketing and distribution
  • we perform co-creative workshops with the target audience, actors and creators to find the right tone and create authentic dialogue

Audience building and crowdsourcing

  • we involve the target audience in the development stage for critical feedback on story and characters
  • we create touch points and build up relationships with the audience from early development far beyond the launch
  • we try to get an authentic cast – if possible directly related to the intended contexts

Testing and monitoring

  • we test pilot scripts and episodes with the target audience
  • we monitor audience feedback on all channels and react accordingly
  • we keep close contact to the audience and create spaces for dialogue